Raw Silicon feed-stocks

San Techno supplies and buys all kind of silicon feed-stocks for the production of Solar wafers.

Silicon Wafers

San Techno deals with Solar and I/C wafers, from OEM.

Solar Cells

San Techno supplies Cells from our OEM, but we too buy reliable cells for our PV Modules.

Solar PV Modules

San Techno is the integrator for PV Modules. We are distributing Japanese brands Modules. We too have our own OEM brands of reliable modules. San Techno is able to arrange for financing for mega Solar projects with long repayment terms.

Solar Products

Due to our connection, we are able to OEM produces various Solar products like garden lights, lamp posts, etc.

Broken Wafers

Broken Wafers (Small)

Silicon Chunks

Indium for ITO-LCD

12-inch Clean Room Wafer

Broken Wafer Cut-outs

12-inch Silicon Ingots

Ingot Segments

Coin rolled (Whole Wafers)

Virgin wafers for electronics industries

Tops and Tails

Tops and Tails